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quick one, a tribute to barney bush, a wonderful dog, was with the president and mrs. bush 12 years, probably the best personal dog of any white house. president bush painted that tribute. he died on friday or saturday. >> there's not enough time to do mine so i'll share a fun fact. chewing gym makes you more alert. it makes your reaction time quicker and your mind sharper. >> if you chew gum with your mouth open you get a smack in the face. >> apology to horse lovers. band fundraise, you save more time if you say clap. >> got it. >> clap. >> i spent the super bowl at our executive producer's house this weekend, and i must say, his friend there was a wonderful, smart lady who turns out to have been a prima ballerina both in london and new york.
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she couldn't have been nicer, kinder, and we had a great time and it was a great party and we enjoyed it. it's like seeing babe ruth at one time. >> you didn't hit on her, did you? >> i certainly did not. >> who made better taco dip, me or porter. >> don't put me in that bind. >> was there velvetta in it? that's it for us, we'll see you back here tomorrow before bob embarrasses someone else. >> bleed a little now or a lot later. the president you do congress to come up with a short term plan to avoid devastating defense sequester cuts. this is special report. good evening, i'm john roberts in for bret baier.
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the white house dreamed of a specker of spending cuts to reach a budget deal. it was supposed to be a bluff but today president obama called his own bluff pleading with congress to kick the sequester deadline down the road. to win them over he offered a package of spending cuts and more tax increases. how was that playing on capitol hill? here's ed henry. >> warning the nation's economic recovery hangs in the balance, president obama prodded congress to stop a series of massive spending cuts that could threaten national security urging them to come up with a short term combo of lesser spending cuts and tax increases beyond what he signed at the end of december. >> if they can't get a bigger package done by the time the sequester is scheduled to go into effect, then i believe that they should at least pass a smaller package. >> president says the sequester puts hundreds of thousands of jobs in jeopardy from classrooms
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to the pentagon and defense lie lockheed martin which announced hundreds of layoffs. mr. obama said damage can be stopped if john boehner accepts the white house's final offer from december, meaning up to $600 billion in more tax hikes through cutting deductions, and cuts to medicare and other programs. >> my healthcare proposals achieve the same savings by the beginning of the next decade as reforms that had been proposed by the bipartisan bowls simpson commission. >> republicans were not amused he added his event around the same time eric cantor delivered a speech. gop leaders were clear they want specific cuts and no new tax cuts. >> there's no greater moral imperative than to reduce the debt. >> white house officials have been specific, including about
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$350 billion in medicare cuts. when asked why the president did not meet the it will for unveiling his new budget for the third straight year, spokesman jay carney blamed republicans saying fiscal cliff talks delayed it. >> part of what the president talked about just in recent days is that we need to get beyond this situation where we're governing, especially with regards to our fiscal and economic matters in a state of constant crisis. >> a group of literal house democrats came out today and said they want not just new taxes but new spending as part of this deal. a side both parties are far apart with a deadline looming. >> thank you. we'll get more from majority leader can tar in a live interview layer. home prices jumped in december 8.3%, the biggest surge in 6.5 years.
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that led to a good day on wall street. the dow gained 99, s&p 500 up 16. the price of gasoline increased overnight. the national average is now $3.53 a gallon up 17 cents from last week. the justice department accuses s&p's debt rating agency of down playing mortgage bonds that created the financial crisis. the civil complaint is the first enforcement action the government it is a taken against a agency regulated to the meltdown. >> we're now getting a peek behind the curtain into the obama administration justification for targeting an killing american citizens that it suspects of terrorism. it comes as one of the faces of the drone program prepares for his confirmation hearing to the top spot at the c.i.a. catherine herridge tells us some lawmakers are demanding answers.
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>> the white house press secretary was peppered with questions about the president's authority to target u.s. citizens. >> these strikes are legal, ethical and wise. >> this is giving legal justification for killing american citizens without any trial. >> i would point you to the ample judicial precedent. >> this letter signed by eight democrats and three republicans urges mr. obama to produce the memos th authorizes use the drones to congress and republicans can decide whether it's subject to appropriate limitations and safeguards. susan colins says fundamental principals are at stake. >> the obama administration released all these opinions from the office of legal council about the bush administration's treatment of detainees. so why the different stad.
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>> first reported by nbc news, a leaked draft memo argues americans such as anwar al awlaki, the first american targeted for death, you are lawful because of their leadership within al-qaeda among other factors. >> our primary concern is keep american people safe. but to do so in a way consistent with our laws and consistent with our values. >> when pushed to explain how an american can be deemed an imminent threat with no evidence of a plot, jay carney reached for the same explanation. >> it's necessary to mitigate threats. >> the acu says there's a disconnect. >> there's no court in the united states or anywhere around the world that would accept this view that a president, one person, can decide how and when to kill their own citizens without checks or balances. >> the senator's letter is the most forceful that lawmakers may
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stop or block mr. obama's nominee to run the c.i.a. john brennan. he's described as the architect or face of the drone campaign expansion. >> you think it's going to be tough on thursday? >> very tough. it's republicans and democrats on multiple fronts. >> thank you. arizona senator john mccain will not participate in a filibuster against john hagel but republican nomination against him appears for firm. south carolina's lindsay graham hopes the president reconsiders hagel's nomination. he says these are dangerous time and hagel seemed clueless about u.s. policy toward iran. president obama will go to israel in the spring. the white house says the president will visit the west bank in jordan as well. it's released no date for the trip but israel's channel 10 reports it's scheduled for the 20th of march. this will be mr. obama's first
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visit to israel at president. there was a lot of action on the immigration front. our chief congressional correspondents explain while almost everyone agrees on the problem there's a lot of disagreement about the solution. >> this is about trying to get it right on behalf of the american people. >> house speaker john boehner says solving the immigration is not a race and praised the bipartisan you gang of eight. >> i'm going to applaud my colleagues on both sides of capital and both parties that are working to get to solve the issue of immigration. both legal immigration and illegal immigration. >> the house judiciary committee held the first hearing into the issue this morning. a leading republican suggest tackling legal immigration making sure high skilled workers can stay. >> let's not let more
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contentious issues and comprehensive reform prevent us from this year, this month, the next two or three months, passing something to address what is a horrible situation in this country. that's we're training people to go back to their countries and compete against us. >> but the mayor of san antonio, texas spoke in favor of a comprehensive approach. >> further strengthen border security. stream like immigration to law abiding companies get workers they need in the 1st century economy and create a path to citizenship to bring the undocumented immigrants this country out of the shadows and into the full light of the american dream. >> some republicans say it's important to emphasize border security and be fair to 5 million people hoping to legally go to america. >> some waiting an average of seven years because the bureaucratic red tape.
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>> after progressives led with president obama today, the status quo doesn't work. >> we were talking about trying to fix a broken system. a system that doesn't work for anybody in the country. we were talking about common sense comprehensive reform. >> fixing it can be so tricky a bipartisan group has a meeting secretly to hammer out a deal. sources say it's expected they'll roll out a more detailed plan than the senate group did by next week. f.b.i. data indicate a dropoff in federal background checks for gun sales in january after a surge at the end of last year. the ap reports the system processed less than 2.5 million checks last month, down from more than 2.78 million in december. many retailers say they're out of stock following big sales after the newtown shootings in mid december. the future of a electric
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investigators say hezbollah was behind a bombing a bus last year. five israelis died with the bus driver and suspected bomber. the u.s. is calling on european countries to take proactive action. the u.s. considers it to be a terrorist organization. european union does not. egypt's top cleric is tellingish to mind its business. president mahmoud ahmadinejad is in egypt for the first visit since the revolution in 1979 but the cleric washed ahmadinejad against interfering in affairs of arab gulf states. iran is an ally of syria and
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keeping syria's civil war within its borders is the rain nato and the united states are putting pate i don't patriot missile bas in turkey. >> as of today the u.s. is militarily involved to some degree in the syrian conflict. a u.s. patriot missile battery is operational in a turkish city 30 miles from the u.s. border. u.s. deployment is aimed at defending nate ally turkey from cross border syrian action. >> we're in a defensive posture. >> turkey is essex possessed. lasts october shells hit a turkey border town killing five people. they cannot down surface to air missiles including scuds which could be more deadly. could they have chemical
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weapons? >> there's certainly indication they have the capability. >> that's the red line they won't cross? >> that's why we're here. >> the syrian regime says be deployment heightens tension. the group claiming responsibility for the u.s. embassy you bombing cited deployment. others say with 60,000 people killed, the i.d. is on the sidelines. don't tell that to the 400 u.s. servicemen an women involved. >> it's your job to see the stuff coming over. >> yes, sir, it is. >> how good is the detection system? >> extremely accurate. >> the u.s. deployment will last one year but could change. they say even though these missiles are mobile, they won't get any closer to the syrian border but considering how the conflict is going, that could
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change. >> a special investigator with the united nations says north korea may be guilty of crimes against humanity and recommends a full investigation. the report cites nine violation including prison camps and use of food to control people z the uso opened the 20,000 square feet war year and family center in virginia. the $12 million facility was funded entirelily financial donations. spaces for wounded military personnel to get a break from time in the hospital or rehabilitation facility. >> ahead, newest projections on the federal deficit. first we'll talk about the economy and political issues with house majority leader, eric cantor. don't go away. [ coughs ] [ angry gibberish ]
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drones killing americans and just fayfication for it. reaction to all that and the effort to rebrand the republican party. with us, house majority leader eric eric cantor. >> more revenue increases? something you could sign on to. >> absolutely not. john, it's more of the same. we've got a real problem in this country. we know we're spending much more money than we have to the tune of a trillion plus dollars a year and it's got to stop. it's got to stop because it doesn't help people for us to keep doing that. and we're going to face a debt crisis, we're going to face higher taxes.
3:23 pm
people will have to pay higher interest on mortgages. these things are going to happen if you keep kicking the can, which is why we asked the president come help us solve this problem. >> when the sequester deadline hits at the beginning of march, would you favor letting the deadline go through and all those cuts? >> we've asked the president repeatedly to join us in replacing the sequestered cuts with cuts that make sense, with cuts that go towards managing down the debt long term. and to this -- to this point he's not taken us seriously. and. >> many of your colleagues are saying, okay, there's no deal, let those cuts go through. >> right. sequester's here so it's up to the president to come forward with serious proposals, not something like today, another kick the can down the road. that's not responsible. the president's got to know that. >> he wants more revenues as we said.
3:24 pm
will you give him more money. >> absolutely not. you already have $650 billion in new tax revenues that have been paid. the president wants to continue down the path of insinuating taxpayers have got to put more money in when the problem is spending. the problem is spending here. we've got to get a handle on it. that's why we're asking this president. we want to work with you but lead. help us and join us and lead this country out of this deficit spending mess. >> the president's tone today, dour, threatening in terms of what may lie ahead. you struck a positive tone today in an attempt many say to rebrand the republican party bya framework of helping american families. what are you doing differently that the g.o.p. has done before or is it just the way you talk about it? >> we're demonstrating why our conservative policies of self
3:25 pm
alliance, of faith in the individual, of accountability in government, why they are good policies, good principals, to help people. i talked a lot today about education, about empowering parents to make choices so we can save kids who we're going to lose from nonperforming schools. i talked about how we've got working families struggling to get through the month. how do we help them? we help by growing an economy. we help them by giving them the tools to go about their daily life, to manage their affairs, to reduce healthcare costs, to remove some of the costly taxes coming from obamacare on healthcare. there are a lot of things we can do to help families and that's what i talked about today. really making life work again for so many millions of americans who need relief. >> many republicans say the party has a serious messaging problem. your ideas may be right but you can't get the message through.
3:26 pm
listen to bobby jindal on the 25th of january. >> we've got to stop being the stupid party. i'm serious, it's time for a new republican party that talks like adults. >> so many republicans say you're getting the stuffing beaten out of you on messaging from the president and democrats, is this designed to change that? we can learn a lot from the last election. the last election, we really spoke a lot about the macro fiscal situation in the country which is not good for people but it's almost as if we didn't complete the sentence. we have to demonstrate why we're doing what we're doing. we want fiscal discipline, balanced budget because it's good for working families. my talk today was about how we're going to go care for people, why our policies having to do with invasion, healthcare,
3:27 pm
education, makes sense for working moms and dads and children so we can get to a better future. >> when you look at demographic shifts they're returning against the republican party so marco rubio is talking about immigration. would you sign on in the house to the gang of 8 immigration plan? are you for a path to citizenship. >> first of all we had with us today a graduate student at george washington university. he's in the engineering school there. and our visa laws are so antiquated we're going about vesting in her education. she's an extremely smart individual from china. she can't stay here after her degree is done. >> understood. for the 11 million people in the country illegally, would you join marco rubio for a path to citizenship. >> what i talked about today is the fact that we have got to go and deal with this issue. and i said that the best place to start is with children.
3:28 pm
we have a history in this country of not holding children accountable for the deeds of their parents. if we have children brought here due to no fault of their own and know no other place than home i support giving those children permanent residency and citizenship. >> we have to leave it there but thank you for joining us. we'll see where this rebranding goes. the nfl says beyonce's high-tech halftime show was not the cause of the blackout at the super bowl but next year's performance has its own set of challenges. are car companies seeing the light about electric vehicles? the grapevine is coming up next. my bad.
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now fresh pickings from the political grapevine. they were touted as the cars of future now demand may have shorted out. toyota and nissan, industry leaders are rerouting resources away from electric vehicles. toyota revised sales for the eq from thousands to just hundreds. nissan is shifting green efforts from electric vehicles to hybrids. high cost, limitations and lack of charging station have would be buyers looking other directions for transportation. last week energy secretary steven chu backed away from the goal to put half a million electric cars on the road
3:33 pm
calling the numbers ambitious. for much of the country it's that time of day when workers unwind after a long day at the office. that's right, happy hour. not in massachusetts. it's one of several states with a ban on drink specials certain times of the day. lawmakers asked the state to repeal the law to help bars stay competitive with casinos that provide free drinks but cheers were premature. regulators say it would be bad for business and public safety. >> when it comes to halftime, beyonce is a hard act to follow and there are reports suggesting that know one may get the chance to follow her. at least not next year. various media say there are no plans for a traditional halftime show during the 2014 super bowl at the meadowlands out new york city. the first super bowl to be played outdoors in a northern state in the middle of winter creating potentially difficult conditions for performers and
3:34 pm
crews who have to asemi aboutable and break down the stage. there's also speculation a halftime show would be performed offsite in the meadowlands arena. the nfl communications chief tweeted halftime and pregame shows will be in the stadium next year. the show is sometimes more popular than the game. last year madonna's performance attracted 114 million viewers, an average of 111 million watched the actual game. the latest projection of america's debt and deficits came out in black and white today but it's bathed in a sea of red ink. jim answering the reports. >> the congressional budget office projections for ten years shows short term improvements but soaring debts later. under current law the deficit will shrink in 2013. as an estimated $845 billion, the deficit, the first in five
3:35 pm
years below $1 trillion. >> the cbo projects deficits to decline from $845 billion to year to as low as 430 billion in 2015 but then 978 billion a year by 2023. >> in 2014 or 15 the deficit will come down. there's a tax increase we just passed. that combines to produce a smaller deficit. >> though the president has not submitted his budget, the cbo projects the next ten years u.s. debt will increase $10 trillion from a little more than 16 trillion-dollar now to more than $26 trillion in 2023. >> you can't raise enough tax to say pay for this problem. you won't grow fast enough to get rid of this problem. you ultimately have to deal with spending. >> after 2023, the debt begins to soar. >> after that it's going to grow and reach the trillion and go beyond the trillion.
3:36 pm
so at no point in the foreseeable future is the deficit going to come down to manageable level. >> noting repeatedly high debts are bad and dangerous as he put it because they leave lawmakers with no leeway to deal with emergencies. >> our country, we've been incurring costs and baring risks of a sort we have not in history except around the second world war. >> this is not a choice, fix the debt or the economy. fixing the debt is fixing the economy. >> tax increases and economic growth leave deficits high but management through mr. obama's firm. but entitlements will grow to more than a trillion a year. >> the five-year-old alabama boy held hostage by a retired truck driver for a week is happy and playing with his old toys tonight. the standoff ended monday when authorities stormed the shelter where the boy was held. we have not been told exactly
3:37 pm
how suspected kidnapper jimmy lee dykes died. >> the president's plan. more taxes to avoid sequester cuts. we'll get reaction from the fox all-stars when we return. n't drr operate machinery until you feel fully awake. walking, eating, driving, or engaging in other activities while asleep, without remembering it the next day, have been reported. lunesta should not be taken together with alcohol. abnormal behaviors may include aggressiveness, agitation, hallucinations, or confusion. in depressed patients, worsening of depression, including risk of suicide, may occur. alcohol may increase these risks. allergic reactions such as tongue or throat swelling occur rarely and may be fatal. side effects may include unpleasant taste, headache, dizziness, and morning drowsiness. ask your doctor if lunesta is right for you.
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if they can't get a bigger package done by the time the sequester is scheduled to go into effect, i believe they should at least pass a smaller package of spending cuts and tax reforms that would delay the economically damaging effects of the sequester for a few more months until congress finds a way to replace these cuts with a smarter solution. >> president obama backtracking on his white house proposal for cuts and sequester in favor of smaller cuts. will that fly?
3:41 pm
not according to majority liter cantor. let's bring in our panel. bill kristol of the weekendly standard and charles lane, opinion writer for "the washington post" and columnist and sports prognosticator, charles. >> ravens by 3. >> you heard what the leader said, that the president's not going to get more revenue and cuts have to be more than small cuts. there's a looming sequester. what do you think happens in the next four weeks. >> the republicans will do what cantor suggests, which is nothing. this is the one time since election day obama does not have the upper hand. he had it in the fiscal cliff notions because of automatic hikes and tax which republicans did not want. this time the shoe is on the other foot. this time if the republicans do nothing, then you will get these severe cuts, $1.2 trillion, half
3:42 pm
in domestic, half in defense spending. obama suggested it in negotiations in the debt ceiling in 2011 but now he doesn't want any domestic cuts. he's not somebody who wants cuts anywhere, anytime and this will be forced on him and on the pentagon cuts which he thought the republicans would avoid. he's the commander in chief. he has to worry about the forces, his own secretary of defense said we'll hollow out the forces and it will cost a lot of jobs of contractors, a lot of whom live in a state he wants, virginia. so he has to do something about this and it's unbelievable he would have offered the republicans a deal in which there are extra tax increases. republicans will do nothing and they should do nothing and demand if the president wants to avoid this, you do the ut do them somewhere else but no
3:43 pm
tax increases. >> charles lam, twice republicans have caved in to the demands of the white house and other democrats. do you think they'll do that again or will they do nothing? >> i prefer not to think of it as caving in. perhaps there's time for everyone to get reasonable. i agree with charles that the president's probably been perform today make this move today by what happened to the economy already under the threat of sequester this the fourth quarter as defense spending went down. he got scared about that. but what charles proposes is republicans commit suicide. first of all the policies embodied in the sequester of liberal. they cut defense, protect big entitlement programs. republicans are against that. secondly i'm not sure the president's the only one to get blamed if it turns into a drag on the economy, rather the republicans will share in the blame. finally, if we could think about the national interest for a moment here, it would be very
3:44 pm
bad for the country to go through sequester and particularly for the national defense. i'm hoping against hope that this is -- the press conference is the beginning of a deal. >> you talked to a lot of republicans that freely suggest the sequestration goes through. that the cuts will be absorbed fairly readily. we're not going to go down in the dumps on our path to recession. do you agree with that or would it be horrible if the cuts went through? i think cuts in defense are irresponsible as president obama's secretary of defense secretary of defense said and every thinker things except for chuck hagel. he thought they were great a year and a year and a half ago. it worries me president obama is -- he's the commander in chief. it's unbelievable he's playing around with our national security this way. having said that, republicans in the house should do what they did last year, they did pass a replacement for sequester through the house with republican votes that made clear it was not the republican's
3:45 pm
preferred policy. they wanted to save defense and to change the domestic cuts paid for by other cuts. i think you need an alternative. i don't agree can charles. i think if the republican position is accept sequester the president says theories a half -- here's a halfway proposal. i don't like that position. >> there's nothing against offering an alternative. and it probably would be a good idea but the alternative has to be equal amount of cuts and no hikes in taxes. you could -- anybody in an hour would device smarter cuts. but you have to be prepared for a sequester to occur. otherwise, you lose all your leverage. this is the one time when republicans have leverage. and if they concede in advance that they won't let it happen, all the leverage will immediately evaporate. >> another story out of the white house, that is the drone
3:46 pm
program to kill americans overseas if they're suspected of engaging in terrorism. the white house defended it today. let's listen to jay carney. >> we conduct strikes because they're necessary to mitigate threats to stop plots and prevent future attacks and save lives. they're legal, ethical and wise. >> illegal, ethical and wise. do you think this will play out during john brennan's confirmation. >> it will and it will be interesting to hear democrats, liberals to spent the decade appear pa electric now -- until now have been silent about a program which doesn't interrogate people harshly but kills them without a judge, jury or evidence. the criteria, isn't even imminent plot. i'm not against it but i want to
3:47 pm
hear how they square that with anger and opposition to enhanced interrogation. >> not only that but democrats were in arms over warrantless wiretapping. this goes so much further. >> it's true. i guess i disagree with charleston again to the extent there's hypocrisy. the aclu has been consistent. hypocrisy is on the political side. >> barack obama. >> democratic politician have kept quiet but that may change. they're starting to ask questions and they should. everybody the union killed in the confederacy in the civil aware was an american citizen. this kind of stuff can happen in war but i think we need a lot more information about how they decide what the safeguards are, et cetera, et cetera. >> we have to leave that here because we're out of time. next, rebranding the republican party. will it work and can they make inroads in 2014. we'll be right back. it's not what you think.
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we are really putting on display and demonstrating why our conservative policies of self alliance, faith in the individual, accounted ability in government, why they are good policies, good principles to help people. >> house majority leader eric ec cannot cantor talking about rebranding the republican party and broaden its appeal. is this something one man can do? >> if i hear another politician talking about rebranding the party or changing the image. republicans control the highways of representatives. they dislike obamacare.
3:52 pm
pass a bill repealing it or delay it and pass a replacement. it's not going to pass the senate but it will show how republican policies help. republicans dislike the financial regulation. pass different regulation that help banks. if you can't pass the whole thing, pass bite sized pieces of legislation. i think they should talk less about rebranding themself and pass legislation either big legislation or medium-sized bites that embody conservative prime principals. >> why are they losing to badly on messaging. >> they haven't. they lost the presidential lakeshores by 3 point. the democrats got 1 million more votes out of 110 million cast. if they do their best in the house and oppose president obama they'll do fine. worry less about how they work. >> i'll answer it, they also, although bill left it out.
3:53 pm
they lost a lot of senate races. >> who were most of the ones that lost, establishment candidates. two tea party -- >> todd aiken branded the whole party. >> the republicans were running ahead. >> eric cantor who studied the issues carefully is doing some important things in this speech. he's saying -- >> washington talks and the republican establishment are coming to the rescue of those idiots in the country. >> he talked about real life concerns. >> tucker karl and juan williams were in those same seats and nearly came to blows last night. >> it's going to take more than one speech to restore the republican party's political fortunes and more than one guy. i think eric cantor is not guilty of one charge bill made, which is not proposing bite sized legislation. secondly i would say that to the
3:54 pm
degree cantor is trying to reposition the party if somebody's addressing what he calls real life concerns of voters, i think that's a step in the party's -- >> at one point, the whole republican establishment and "washington post." the whole republican establishment will come to the rec. most antiestablishment party was 2010. republicans went 64 house seats and seven senate seats. the establishment took over in 2012. mitt romney, just the economy. not foreign policy or social issues, very focused. the republican establishment loved that, crossroads spent 300 million-dollar and they lost. let the republicans and conservatives of the country run campaigns. >> and crossroads will spend tens of millions of more dollars in 2014 supporting more establishment candidates against people like todd aiken, murdock
3:55 pm
in indiana. how does this fit together? >> let me rise above the partisan bickering here. and let us reason together. i think one way that you can unite the party, which has had major success in integrating the more populous elements is agree on the buckley rule. people will try to support and nominate the most conservative candidate who can win. if you don't try to make statements by nominating extreme conservatives who can be sort of enjoyable and outside the populous but have no chance of winning in a general election, you don't go that way. classic example, delaware senate 2010. they threw away a seat. they would have had a moderate. a semi-liberal republican but this beats a hard line liberal
3:56 pm
democrat and you might have had a change in control of the senate had that not happened with one 0 two other states. >> people are talking about the idea of a brewing war in the republican party toward 2014 and organizations like american crossroads supporting candidates they think can win add conservatives say we want our candidates to rise to the top. >> let's let primaries in all these states, people can but the in. it's hard to know ahead of time. the whole establishment was behind charlie crist in 2009. ron johnson in wisconsin couldn't win. you don't know who can win. i agree. >> aiken was a bad candidate and peanut tea party people from not for him. i have no problem with people in washington -- >> do you or do you not foresee a civil war. >> a lot of little civil wars.
3:57 pm
that's healthy. did a couple go off the rails and republicans lost seats? 2010 was a very contentious year in the republican party and very good for the republican party. a little internal debate, primaries, some arguing about the best way to go about advancing conservatives principals isn't bad. >> i guess i don't see anything in the speech by eric cantor that says we can't debate on matters of principal. what he's trying to go is give them a program that everybody in the republican party could sign up for. >> next time, boxing gloves. >> it won't are a civil war, it will be the mud-slinging we saw today. >> that's it for the panel. the real reason behind the super bowl blackout.] don't go away. rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain
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